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The Big Lonesome | Erin Emery | Misery Love Co. | Disco Behemoth

: 7:30:0 PM

Write-Up Of Event: Doors at 7:30; music at 8.

Bring $ for merch and donations! ($5-10 suggested donation)
This is not a free show. I can't legally force you to pay or I would. Gas is not free, food is not free, instruments are not free. Support artists.

Be a decent fucking person.

Respect the house and all people within it.

Please stay off the front porch (we have a back porch!) and put your cig butts in our cig bucket™ or an ashtray! Please don't litter, we will have trash cans in the driveway and one on the back porch. The cleaner the house stays the easier it is for us to keep doing shows. Also come on, it's 2019; why are you just throwing cans in the grass?


Let anyone who lives at the house know if there is a problem. If you are causing problems you WILL be kicked out, no second chances, no exceptions. ~~If you need assistance and can't get to anyone that lives in the home, msg the CCL fb page, Hunter Willard, Scott Dumas or Jo Vicari~~

Erin Emery (Kalamazoo)
indie folk pop from a girl with golden pipes

Misery Love Co. (Kalamazoo)
Gritty Kalamazoo folk rock and sound scapes. I have never seen a more diverse band camp

The Big Lonesome (Boston, MA)
Wicked good Boston based indie/folk rock

Disco Behemoth (Kalamazoo)
Music for the end of the world.

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8:00 PM20:00

Forget The Times Tour Kickoff - Live Score of The Phantom Carriage (1921)

Forget The Times will be performing a live score along with the legendary silent film The Phantom Carriage (1921). Screening will be in the newly cleaned side room and chairs will be available on a first come, first served basis.

8pm doors, 8:30 screenings
All Ages
$10 suggested donation (no one will be turned away)

1921 Swedish Fantasy/Horror film directed by and staring Victor Sjöström. Considered one of the greatest silent films and one of the central works in Swedish film history. Known for it's beautiful and iconic imagery, the film was one of the first to use the double exposure technique to create it's ghostly scenes. Igmar Bergman and Stanley Kubrick were both huge fans of this film. Kubrick borrowed his famous axe scene from The Shinning from this film.

Kalamazoo/Chicago based Free Jazz group. We've been working for months developing a new Experimental Music score for this film. This will be the debut performance and then we'll be on tour for the rest of the month. Come send us off in style!

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3:30 PM15:30
6:30 PM18:30

Quinn Blakeney's Family Time Fun Band | Minor Element | Basic Comfort | Lushh

Celebrate Halloween at Candy Cane Lane!

Doors at 6:30 music at 7:00
Wear a costume or you have to donate (OR DO BOTH!)
Be a nice person.
Respect the house and the artists.
Stay in the backyard. Put your cig butts in one of our ashtrays or in the trash PLEASE!


If you see something say something.

Quinn Blakeney's Family Time Fun Band (Kalamazoo, MI)
Some super spooky avant-garde jazz

Minor Element (West Michigan area)
A bad to the bone new school fusion group that will have you moving and grooving all night long.

Basic Comfort (Kalamazoo, MI)
Atmospheric synth pop with all the vibes you could need.

Lushh (Kalamazoo, MI)
Progressive jazz fusion group with a pinch of metal that will rock them socks right off.

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8:00 PM20:00

JMoneyFur | Josh Miller | Kicker | Pistol Gang

JMoneyFur (Baltimore, MD) :
A super surreal mix of interactive, sound and performance art, ambient music and bedroom pop

Josh Miller (Kalamazoo) :

Kicker (Kalamazoo)

Pistol Gang (Kalamazoo):

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8:00 PM20:00

First Responders | Jessica in The Rainbow | Shai-Li | Cloudlight | Pariah

First Responders // KZOO
loud & proud punks making you smile and want to punch something at the same time

Jessica in The Rainbow // Grand Haven
dreamy piano lullaby folk, spacey synth mellow pop, dark ambient psych folk, ponies and rainbows, whatever

Shai-Li // KZOO
did your mom ever tell you a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down? Well this can be used as a substitute

Cloudlight // Grand Haven
if you could hear water colors

Pariah // KZOO
get your mind blown w/ this alternative r&b/jazz/genre bending 2-piece

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