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7:30 PM19:30

Soul Night w/ Fourth Feel | Reed Vega | Wundamike and the Saturday Night Experience | Brittany Reed

Doors at 7:30; music at 8.

Bring $ for merch and donations! ($5 suggested donation)

Be a decent fucking person.
Respect the house and all people within it.
Please stay off the front porch (we have a back porch!) and put your cig butts in our cig bucket or an ashtray!


Let anyone who lives at the house know if there is a problem. If you are causing problems you WILL be kicked out, no second chances, no exceptions.

Fourth Feel (Kalamazoo, MI)

Reed Vega (Kalamazoo, MI)

Wundamike and the Saturday Night Experience (Kalamazoo, MI)

Brittany Reed (Kalamazoo, MI)

Featured Artist: Clara Peeters

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7:00 PM19:00

Narcan Training + Fundraiser Show w/ Nekomata | Quantum Fleek | Ari Staiger

On March 2nd we will be having a FREE Narcan Training at the Invisible College facilitated by the COPE Network. We will be discussing the Opioid crisis and the medical science behind addiction, and participants will be taught how to use Narcan to potentially save someone's life who is experiencing an overdose.

Free Narcan will be available to participants.

After the training we will have several bands come and play at the house and will be raising funds for the COPE Network.

Bands include:

~~~~ Folk-Punk

~~~~ Improvisational Jam/ Fusion Rock 

~~~~ Slow, Doomy Metal


Narcan Training begins at 7PM, with music beginning around 9PM.

If you are planning on attending the Narcan Training and want the FREE NARCAN KIT please mark GOING so we can provide the Cope Network with an accurate estimate of how much to bring.

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8:00 PM20:00

Sunrise Over Kalamazoo: A Tribute to Kalamazoo Soul Legend Dwight Sykes Feat. Dezert Eez | Santino Jones | Krelboynes | Katy Needs A Life | Carribean Health | Saan Solo + More

Dwight Sykes wrote some of the greatest Funk songs that no one has heard. And he did it right here in Kalamazoo. Criminally under appreciated at the time, his music has since developed an international cult following with reissues and previously unreleased material coming out on the People Potential Unlimited label. The few records he pressed in the 80s now sell for hundreds of dollars. Though Dwight may not be a household name (yet), his influence can still be felt. His visionary DIY spirit and maverick lo-fi home recording techniques are now defining features of the current Kalamazoo music community. 
On Friday, February 23rd Dwight will be back in his hometown while a selection of Kalamazoo's finest musicians gather to pay tribute to a true Soul legend. Each artist will be performing their own interpretation of Dwight's songs. The man himself will be there signing autographs, giving away copies of his music and telling his story. This will be a night to remember.
Satellite Records and Green Light Music will both be on site selling records.

Dezert Eez
Santino Jones
Katy Needs A Life
Carribean Health
Saan Solo
Aaron Llewlelyn feat. G. Suite
Soul Groove DJs

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