Day Break Acoustic Show W/ Aric Smejkal | Sasha Battle | Davison Nicholas | Janet Aladetohun | Nathan Szivan + Curtis James

  • The Wesley Foundation Kalamazoo, MI

Day Break Acoustic Show is an event featuring local musicians from all over Kalamazoo. We're featuring Aric Smejkal of Edith (and Rey Mysterio's. kinda.) Sasha Battle from the People's Food CO Op via Texas, THe ever Talented songstress Davison Nicholas and the Peace Center's Very own Janet Aldetohun (From The Crystal Temple). With all of these awesome people combined with their multi instrument talent i'm sure this is going to be a great show. Bring an instrument if you if you want to jam after their performances, This event is also a fundraiser, so instead of charging admission we ask people to bring toiletries, socks, gloves, sanitary napkins and a litany of things to give to the houseless population of kalamazoo.