DITKalamazoo (Do It Together Kalamazoo) is a loose collective of individuals in the Kalamazoo area that seek to help the local community’s music scene thrive and grow by providing venues for shows, organizing concerts, and booking a wide variety of acts both local and out-of-town. Started in 2009, the DITKalamazoo website, collective, and concept, seeks to share information about these events to those who may be interested.

This site is here as a contact point between the folks that put on the shows, and the folks that want to go see them.  So if you want to book a show somewhere in Kalamazoo, would like to know the location of a venue, or would just like more information, you can let us know through email: ditkalamazoo (at) gmail (dot) com. If you have an event that the site seems to be lacking, suggest it on the "submit an event" page.


DIT events primarily function on donation or small cover charges. Please consider making a small donation to the site to help supplement yearly fees. We all accomplish more with the help of each other. Do It Together!